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Situated in the north - west of Iran, Zanjan province has an area of 21841 square Kilometers . Being generally mountainous and hilly, it is divided into three regions with different climates Takht - e - soleyman, Taleghan, and Kooh - e - Rostam are the most important mountains in the province . At a distance of 140 Km from the south - west of Zanjan city, in the south of Garmab village, lies a very sightly cave called Katie Khor. The rivers such as Ghezel Qwzan, Abhar Rood and Shah Rood flowing from the mountains through the province, create lush vegetation. Among the natural resources of this province there are six hot springs and four mineral springs in which tourists are highly interested Because of medicinal value these springs attract a large number of people each year. The vegetation of the province varies from one area to another but it is generally made up of forests and pastures.

Iran, Zanjan, Bazar
Iran, Zanjan, Jam Mosque

The forests are mainly located in the mountainous regions adjacent to Gillan province.Different climates have created an animal life rich in variety. Various species of wild animal , native and migratory birds , and aquatic animals attract many tourists in the seasons during which hunting is allowed. From 25 years ago for the preservation of wildlife a vast district of this province, called Angooran , has been proclaimed a protected district by the Iranian Organization of the Environment. Kurds and shahsavans are the main peoples living in this province. Azerbaijani, Persian Kurdish and Tati are the languages spoken in different regions . the predominant religion is the shi’a branch of Islam. There is a highway running from Tehran to Zanjan city (the capital of the province) . The main roads and even the side roads to different places of the province are asphalted and equipped with traffic signs. 

In addition to the tens of buses transporting passengers there are regular flights between Tehran and Zanjan. Covering this province and linking it with Tabriz and Europe on the one hand, and with Tehran and other cities on the other, “the trans - Iranian Railway Network” transports passengers from Tehran and Tabriz by express trains every day. Due to numerous rivers and lush pastures, agriculture and animal— husbandry enjoy considerable growth and the agricultural products are of various kinds.There are many mines in Zanjan province, providing raw materials for many home factories. Kaoline, silver, gold, cock, copper, iron, manganese, feldspar and silica mines are some of the mines,in the province. Zanjan province is an important industrial center, throughout which there 
are several industrial satellitetowns and metal, food, chemical, wood, weaving, constructional and mining industries.Of local industries of the province, particularly of Zanjan city, is knife - making industry, the products of which are unique in delicacy and solidity.

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