The Capital City of Iran

With nearly 9 million inhabitants (one sixth of the country's total population) in less than 20000 square kilometers, Tehran is the country's most densely populated province. The province's geographical set­ting includes mountains, plains and val­leys with temperate climate in highlands, and semi-desert climate in the plains. The cities of Tehran. Ray, Damavand, Varamin, Karaj and ShemIranat are in the province of Tehran. The rivers Karaj, Jajroud, Lar, Roud-e-Shur, Hableh Roud and Taleqhan Roud flow across Tehran province. With the dams of Karaj, Latian and Lar, these rivers supply Tehran's drinking water and part of the country's electrical power. Tehran is an industrial province that hosts a major part of the country's industries and plays a significant part in its economy. Agriculture is also a prevailing activity in the suburban plains, and highlands of the province. Most of the people of this province, a majority of whom are city dwellers, are muslims and speak Farsi. However, religious and ethnic minorities also live in this province, particularly in the city of Tehran, and speak their own language. Owing to the physical proximity of various cities of the province to Tehran most of the villages and suburban areas are considered as holiday resorts for the people of Tehran. Among those places are the Karaj Valley, the Karaj dam outskirts. Shahrestanak, the outskirts of Lar dam, Chitgar, Khargoush Darreh , Sorkheh Hessar, Latian, Ghouchak, Suhanak, Taleghan, Damavand and many other places. Tehran is the country's largest economic center and the base for its large and small modern technological and industrial establishments.


damavand The city of Damavand is located 75 kilo-meters northeast of Tehran on the slopes of magnificent Mount Damavand with natural scenery of several orchards and a pleasant climate that makes it a desirable summer resort. Many springs of cold and hot mineral water around Damavand have therapeutic qualities. Damavand is a historical city. Its grand jamee Mosque that dates back to the 15th century and a num­ber at shrines in the city are all evidences of its historical background. Firouzkouh, One of the districts of Damavand city is a cold mountainous area with vast pastures ideal for animal hus­bandry.



The metropolitan city of Tehran on the slopes of the mountains of ShemIran and at the foot of the magnificent Mount Damavand is the world-famous capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the province of Tehran. It has been the country's capital city for only 200 years. With an altitude of 1200 meters, above sea level Tehran is a city of all four seasons with hot summers, freezing winters, and brief springs and autumns. The highest recorded summer temperature in Tehran has been 42 degrees centigrade while the lowest has been registered at 8 degrees below zero. Tehran's central position and economic prosperity has attracted great numbers of immigrants from other Iranian cities justifying the nickname "the city of 72 nations." Tehran is Iran's political and administrative center, a major focal point of the middle-east and a city of international reputation.

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